If you could accomplish anything in the digital world, what would you choose?

Efficacy helps you achieve the plans you care about.

How does it work?

Efficacy applies cognitive science to maximize your effort toward important goals. It optimizes:

Your Time

Initial results reduced task switching time by 98% - from 2 minutes to 2 seconds. How many times do you switch activities during the day?

Your Energy

Stopping one action and starting another can mean 30 tiny decisions that sap your energy. Imagine closing a browser tab:
- What was in the tab?
- Did you get what you needed from it?
- Will you need the info in the future?
- Now or later?
- All of it, or part?
That's one tab, for one activity among many, each sapping your energy just a little. Efficacy helps you spend your energy where it matters most.

Your Willpower

That feeling when you're avoiding an activity.
- How long will it take?
- What tabs and apps do you need?
- Where do you need to click to open them?
- Are you ready to face that blank page?
When you're avoiding an activity you burn energy AND willpower when you plan and again when you act. Efficacy eliminates repeat decisions, then minimizes willpower costs to start and finish any action.

Your Motivation

Data Driven Resilience. Description Coming.

Your Attention

Description Coming

Your Mindset

The zone. It's where you're at your best. Efficacy helps you get there and stay there.



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Data-Driven Plugins

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